Polycarbonate is a highly versatile material with many uses spanning a staggering number of industries. The versatility of polycarbonate is due to the many properties it has that differentiates it from other materials. It has high tensile strength, it is flexible and transparent. As such it can be used in many applications where glass can be used. Further, it can also be used in applications where glass is not applicable especially when more security is desired.

Applications of polycarbonate sheets span different companies including; aerospace, medical, hospitality, retail, real estate, law enforcement and security, and in manufacturing.

In manufacturing industries, polycarbonate is used to make CDs and DVDs, in mobile phones, televisions, tablets and laptops among many other devices and other items. It is used to make these items so they can be extremely light yet durable and virtually impossible to break.

Polycarbonate is resistant to moisture and many chemicals. It is biocompatible and offers glass like clarity that is needed with most medical devices. Polycarbonate can also be sterilized using all the methods used for sterilization in hospitals and sanitation of equipment. It is therefore a good material for use in food processing and in medical applications. It is used in a wide array of medical devices including oxygenators, surgical instruments, IV connection components, and so many others.

Polycarbonate sheets are also used in building and construction asroofing sheets, exhibits, displays, enclosures, skylights, domes and walls. In security polycarbonate is used in riot shields and bullet proof shields and installations. Any application that would require a strong, transparent plastic, polycarbonate would be the ideal solution.