If you are in the market for polycarbonate sheets you could be wondering what sets them apart from other plastic sheets. Why should you invest in polycarbonate sheets and not any other material? Here are some advantages of polycarbonate as compared to the other materials that might have conventionally been used in its place.


One of the greatest advantages of polycarbonate sheets over other materials is its transparency. This feature is what makes polycarbonate suitable for many uses where other plastics cannot be used. Because of its transparency, polycarbonate is used in many applications where glass is used but better security is required like in skylights, glazing security lights, covering domes, window glazing, exhibits and displays among other uses.

High tensile strength

Besides being transparent, polycarbonate sheets are extremely tough and strong. They are not very easily damaged or broken intentionally or accidentally. Polycarbonate sheets are 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than other plastics and acrylic. That is not all, the sheets are highly resistant to abrasion, scratch and chemicals than most other materials.


Another factor that makes polycarbonate sheets a good material for many uses is the flexibility. It is much easier to mold polycarbonate sheets than it is for glass which makes it suitable for use in applications where a little bit more flexibility is required. Further, manufacturers can easily create sheets that are highly suited for the desired function.

Insulation properties

Polycarbonate insulates better than glass and other plastics. As such when used in building and construction it lowers energy consumption.

Make your order of polycarbonate sheets from us today if you would like to enjoy these and many more benefits.