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Since its founding, our company has continued to establish polycarbonates supply company with a defined niche in its marketplace. We balance the reliability of a leading company with the friendly feel of a local and small business making our clients feel right at home. For this reason, we have been able to become good partners with many customers and businesses in the country that need polycarbonate sheets.

The company's reputation for exceptional customer service, is what propels our continued growth. We also have the ability to cater to any need – big or small, and our customers particularly love this about us. Whether you want to order just one sheet, or several hundreds, or maybe you want your sheets cut to fit contact us and your order will be handled. All customers are equal in our eyes and all are served with the same level of professionalism and integrity that we are known for.

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Polycarbonate Sheets Kenya

Polycarbonate sheets are a type of thermoplastics best known for their versatility and transparency. Polycarbonates have many uses in a wide array of industries because of their properties. There are many applications of polycarbonate sheets including in building and construction (walls, windows, skylights, roofing sheets, displays, enclosures), medical devices and equipment, telecommunication (mobile phones, CDs, laptops), riot shields and so many others.

The popularity and use of polycarbonate sheets in Kenya is growing by the day as more people continue to learn about the benefits of using polycarbonate sheets Kenya over other materials. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with polycarbonate include;

  • Polycarbonate is durable and tough
  • It can be used to enhance security since it is strong
  • Can be used in outdoor applications where other materials are inapplicable.
  • Polycarbonate sheets are highly affordable
  • Polycarbonate sheets are safe for use anywhere since they do not contain any harmful chemicals

Properties of Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate is becoming an ideal replacement for glass and other materials in many applications because of the properties it has that other materials do not have. Here are the major properties of polycarbonate sheets that make them stand out in many of the applications.

Strong and tough – polycarbonates have a high tensile strength that makes them very hard to break unlike glass. Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass. This makes it suitable for applications where the clarity of glass is required but with more strength especially for security purposes. It is there therefore used in glazing security lights and windows that need extra security.

That is not all, polycarbonate is also highly resistant to abrasion and scratches meaning it is difficult to damage it physically. The surface doesn't absorb moisture also which protects it from water damage. These features make it ideal for use even in outdoor conditions where it is exposed to weather elements and other features that might cause physical damage. It can withstand extreme temperatures without significant discoloration like with other plastics and other materials.

Flexible – another great feature that makes polycarbonates easy to use and the ideal choice for many applications is its flexibility. It is extremely easy to mold polycarbonate sheets to fit the needs you have which would not work with glass and other more rigid plastics.

Transparent – there are many other strong materials out there that could easily take the place of polycarbonates, but none of those materials offers the clarity that polycarbonate does. This is one of the features that gives polycarbonate the high versatility it is known for. Due to its high transparency and combined with its strength and flexibility, polycarbonate is becoming an ideal replacement to glass in very many applications.

Insulation – polycarbonate sheets are good insulators than glass. Therefore, when used in building, polycarbonates offer better insulation of the internal conditions keeping the energy costs on the minimum. Because of this property, polycarbonate sheets are being used as roofing sheets and made in different gauges to use as walls for enclosures and partitions. It also offers good electrical insulation making it ideal for use where metal sheets cannot be used.

Lightweight – the weight per meter of the polycarbonate sheets depends on its thickness. However, polycarbonate material is much lighter than many other materials including glass. This makes it easy to use in many applications.

Ease of use – unlike glass that can shatter and other materials that can cause harm or get destroyed when installing, it is extremely easy to work with polycarbonate sheets. They are flexible, easy to mold, lightweight and safe to handle.

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